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Duck and Chukar Hunts

One of the toughest of all hunts is a duck hunt. Learn how to do it the right way here.

Bob White

This breed can create quite an unsettling situation when you try to hunt them. You have to be careful with them. 

Trophy white tail

If you call yourself a great hunter, try getting hold of a Trophy white tail. It will tell whether you are really one.

Guided Duck hunts

(morning or evening)
$200 per shooter

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No-Limit Duck Hunts

 Shoot from blinds
For Training purposes, etc.
$150 Blind fee
$15 per duck – no limit on amount

Family Time

Cross Creek Shooting Preserve is a great place to bring the family and get in some quality hunting. 

Great Location

Our hunts, locations and facilities are constructed
with the handicapped and elderly in mind.
We make it easy for anyone to have a great time!

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